Why I’m Here

Welcome to the home of easycash4life.com. Join me on this incredible journey as I search for ways to make all of our lives financially easier. Before we proceed, let me introduce myself and give you a bit of a background to the creation of this website.

The Brainchild Behind the Concept

My Name is Thomas Walters, and I live in Kansas City, the largest city in Missouri. Kansas is a thriving city with so much to see and do, and it is also where I experienced life as a humble college student.

As I worked my way through college, I fell on hard times – as many students tend to do so! These years of my student life, though life-affirming and character building, were also a constant drain on my finances and I struggled to keep my head above water for the first year of my studies. I suppose this brush with financial difficulty was the making of me for it taught me the most valuable lesson I have learned in life; how to budget.

While college certainly prepared me educationally for a career outside in the real world, what I feel it lacked was the ability to encourage me to develop a financial awareness. When you live and breathe the college lifestyle, you are almost in a bubble, whereby the campus is your world. Though it is prepping you to get the qualifications you need for a job, it doesn’t always force you to see a need to begin looking at your finances at this stage. I watched as so many of the students around me plunged further into debt.

A future saddled with college debt was not what I was planning on, and I realized very early on as a student that I was going to have to come up with ideas to make extra cash during my college years if I was to change this outlook. Yet, becoming financially savvy was also vital if I was going to fully embrace and experience the fun aspects of being a college student living in a thriving city!

A Blog Is Born

I had begun blogging about my new start at college for several weeks before the financial difficulties started. When times did become challenging, I would often think about giving up on the blog. However, I soon realized that it was only on my blog that I could talk openly about my experience and, more importantly, connect with people who were facing a similar problem in their own lives.

It appeared that many people related to my circumstances, and it wasn’t just students. Those in full-time employment, those who cared for others, homemakers and even retirees all began contacting me with their stories! My blog started to attract more and more viewers. Just one year into my course I knew I had the opportunity to offer people more than just a place to talk about their problems. I knew I had to export my blog to that of a website and begin to provide people with valuable and credible solutions to their financial problems. This was how easycash4life.com was born.

What easycash4life.com Can Offer Its Visitors

I have worked hard to develop this website as an area where those with a keen interest in saving and making money can access all the relevant guidance and information that they require to start changing their current circumstances.

I became so immersed in finding ways to make a bit of extra money, while saving that which I had worked hard for, that I soon became the person on campus to come to whenever somebody needed my advice on anything financial. It appeared I had a knack for motivating others to rethink their current cash flow status and I loved that feeling of satisfaction that it gave me.

It was, therefore, a no-brainer that I would transfer all my expertise and talents to this website. Easycash4life.com is a community where anybody who wants to make a little bit of savings can visit. Whether you want to make a bit of extra money, or access the best current deals, it is all here on the one website.

So, join me and see for yourself how easycash4life.com could help you save money and recognize profitable opportunities. Anything is possible when we all work towards the same goals and together as a community looking after one another’s interests.

Easy Cash 4 Life