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    Timber can be used for many exterior projects such as timber frames, gazebos, decking, cladding, outdoor furniture, and much more. There are a variety of timbers that can withstand unpredictable weather conditions and even occasional Deck Cleaning services. With the correct treatment, the timber would be able to hold its natural colour throughout. This means there are also many timbers that are not suited for external use and will rot when the woods moisture content reaches 20 percent. This could also result in mould and fungi growth!

    Generally, timber is used to build the walls and exterior of a home. Any good siding contractor dallas or anywhere in your area would probably tell you that if you are looking to make your home look more elegant, natural, and rustic, you should go for timber cladding. Other than that, timber is also good for furniture, sheds, and any other outdoor piece, as the wood is resistant to termites.

    However, there are also many timbers that are not suited for external use and will rot when the wood’s moisture content reaches 20%. This could also result in mould and fungi growth! Untreated wood will also attract pests such as woodworm and termites, so if you notice any evidence of pest damage in your wood, you should contact pennsylvania exterminators (or similar pest control services in your own area) to have the pests removed as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

    Timber that can be used externally:

    ü  Western Red Cedar ü  Douglas Fir
    ü  American White Oak ü  European Oak
    ü  British Western Red Cedar ü  European Redwood
    ü  West African Iroko ü  Siberian Larch
    ü  West African Idigbo ü  West African Sapele
    ü  West African Utile ü  Wenge
    ü  Yellow Balau  


    Most popular timbers for external use:

    Western Red Cedar – works easily with hand and machined tools, very durable, lightweight, long lasting and has high resistance to warping and twisting. Very popular for cladding, decking, joinery, fencing and gazebos.

    European Oak – has high strength properties, medium bending, low stiffness and shock resistance. Very popular for heavy structural use, cladding, joinery, furniture and decking.

    Siberian Larch – saws, machines and finishes well, has good overall strength and low shock resistance. Very popular for joinery exterior, cladding and decking.

    West African Iroko – works fairly well with most tools and has excellent strength properties. Very popular for joinery, cladding and decking.

    Treatments recommended for exterior timber:

    Exterior wood can go grey over time after exposure to sunlight, UV rays cause timber to discolour and fade. Osmo Wood Reviver is designed to remove grey wood fibres to revive back the timbers natural colour. Treatment with our Osmo Exterior Range is then recommended.

    If you require any further advice on our exterior timber and treatments then do get in touch, our team will be more than happy to help. Click Here to visit our website.

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