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  • Stocks Making the Biggest Move – What Are They?

    Are you following the Stocks making the biggest move, or have you been following it for years now? Have you made a killing with your investments? Are you going to miss out on this next big move because you were too slow? This is what every intelligent investor thinks.

    Now there is one question you need to ask yourself. Is it time to take advantage of stocks making the biggest move? And the answer is…yes! You must be following it for years now.

    Why is it that most of the best stocks in the world keep making the biggest move? It is because they have done their homework. They have studied and learned a lot about the business world. The more they understand stocks, the more chances they get to making a good trade. But if you are like most of us, then you have done your share of studying too.

    One thing you must understand about stocks is that stocks are not equal. If you want to make money out of the stock market, you need to know which stocks are making the biggest move. To do this, you must find out the hot stocks. Hot stock means the stocks that have risen from the bottom. You should never buy stocks at the top of a downward trend because chances are, the stock will fall back to lower.

    Now it is easy to find out the hot stock but what about the average stock? Average stock usually follows the same path as the rising stock. So how do you determine average stock? Easy – you buy the S&P 500. It gives you an idea about the overall performance of the company.

    In case of S&P 500, the blue chips are the safest bets. They are also known to be strong and to have a good return on their investments. It also pays to choose stocks of companies with strong balance sheets and with significant earnings growth. A strong company will definitely be able to weather changes in the market and will not be affected by the downturn. When you are ready to invest, you must first know what kind of stock to buy.

    When it comes to choosing the right stock, you must study the fundamentals of the stock and its track record. You can check the annual earnings of the company. The stock price is also a very important factor. The most common stocks being bought are those having greater supply compared to demand. A general rule of thumb is that the price of the stock should be equal to the earnings of the company multiplied by the number of shares outstanding.

    The momentum of the stock is also very important. If the momentum is moving in one direction, chances are the stock will go up too. Knowing the different terms used in the stock market will help you understand the technical aspect of stocks. Stocks making the biggest move are those with strong fundamentals.

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