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    Money is a common point of contention in almost every household, due to the constant need for more.  Saving money is a productive way to manage your income, and there are many ways to save money without radically changing your life. 

    If you’re looking to simple ways to save money in your everyday life, you’ve come to the right place.  Here is a quick look at several feasible and knowledgeable possibilities for saving money with ease.

    Get in the know about ATMs

    Some ATM charges and fees can get the best of your digital wallet if you don’t know what you’re doing.   It’s helpful to know that credit union ATMs often charge less of a fee for outsider transactions, and they allow you to withdraw in increments of ten.  

    Withdrawing money from a convenience store ATM will always result in excess charges for accessing your own funds, and you can only pull out a max of $250 per transaction.  Make sure you’re finding a quality ATM for a quality transaction, and save money on everyday withdrawals.  

    Read reviews before you buy

    One of the biggest ways to blow money is by purchasing products that are useless or inefficient. If you have to re-purchase a product shortly after buying it, you might as well have paid double the price in the first place! The great thing about the internet today is that users will share their thoughts and opinions about products on the market and won’t pull any punches if they aren’t pleased. Always see what others have had to say if you want to avoid buyers remorse and wasted cash! Sites like Only Reviews will make this process incredibly easy and hassle-free, so there’s no excuse.

    Buy into rewards cards

    It’s hard to find an establishment that doesn’t offer some sort of rewards card for customer loyalty.  Take advantage of the savings being offered, no matter how insignificant they may seem.

    If you visit a certain gas station every day on the way to work, you’ll find that your points total will grow with haste.  Save on things you purchase regularly like gas, coffee, and snacks by signing up for a simple savings card.

    Use couponing apps on your smartphone

    Your smartphone can do more than just cost you money.  Use the technology to save money, and download some of the most popular couponing applications.  Most applications are low maintenance, and you just have to keep shopping like you always do.  

    Eat more food at home

    A fast-paced culture too often results in a fast-food lifestyle.  Resist the urge. You’re not only throwing your money away, you’re throwing your health out the window too.  

    Eat healthier, and cook your meals at home.  Pack lunches for work or school, and you’ll save money while feeling better.  If you have kids, this method will save you loads of funds throughout the year.  

    Drink more water

    Again, a healthy augmentation of your daily schedule could mean loads of savings.  Try drinking less soda, and drink more filtered water from home.  Invest in a faucet filter, so you can safely drink the water from your kitchen tap.  

    The money you’ll save will add up quickly, and your health will benefit almost immediately.  Just stay away from buying bottled water as it costs more, and adds an unnecessary strain on the environment.  

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