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  • NewLane Finance Review – Industry Expertise and Product Offerings

    NewLane Finance is a New Zealand based company dedicated to helping people access the products they need in an efficient way. They combine expertise, creativity and commitment to delivering the best service available. “We’re an innovative business bank looking to transform the small equipment financing market. By combining our strong leadership team with a highly skilled and motivated staff, we are able to provide consumers with superior financial services, backed by the industry’s greatest strength – our considerable bank strength.”

    According to NewLane Finance CEO, Phil Rush, “Our core values have remained consistent for the last 12 years. Our core strengths include innovation, strategic allocation, risk management, compliance, and efficient, effective, quick and reliable funding”. NewLane Finance is committed to building its clientele with innovative and sophisticated finance products designed to suit all consumer requirements in today’s economic climate.

    With its focus on technology, innovation and flexibility, NewLane Finance delivers state-of-the-art financing options which are designed to suit your individual requirements. They offer a range of finance products including new business loans, merchant cash advances, merchant credit, and small business financing. NewLane Finance also offers a complete range of merchant services including online shopping cart options, secure payment processing and secure online credit card processing. These services are designed to complement any individual or small business, from the new start up to mid-sized operations.

    NewLane Finance offers financing for small businesses in the range of $500k and above. This ensures that no matter what your business dreams and aspirations are, you will be able to find the right financial solution. Their commitment to customer-first approach is evident in their strong relationship with equipment vendors such as CNC router, KPMG, and machining components giant CNC millsmith. NewLane Finance’s strong portfolio of merchant financing products includes leading brand names such as GE Capital, ABB, PNC Bank, Fleet Group Plc, and ThyssenKrupp Access.

    NewLane Finance has grown to become NewLane Financial, a publicly listed company headquartered in London, UK. They are a part of the PCC Energy Investments plc group. PCC Energy Investments is one of the leading providers of energy equipment finance in Europe. This group of companies brings together over 300 of the world’s top suppliers of machinery and equipment for industrial and commercial applications. This extensive network provides many different financing options, including low-risk merchant cash advances and fast cash and merchant credit.

    NewLane Finance offers a variety of financing products including cash advances and merchant cash advances, through an extensive selection of the world’s most innovative equipment financing and merchant financing options. NewLane Finance continues to set the standard in the industry expertise and product offerings for small and medium sized businesses. With over thirty years of experience in providing the highest quality and most expedient equipment financing and merchant financing, NewLane Finance is your one-stop provider for all of your equipment financing needs. They truly offer “the cutting edge” in equipment financing, making them a market leader in the equipment finance industry.

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