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  • Making the Most of Your Academic Qualification

    Education is extremely expensive, from early childhood development right up to even the entry-level college, let alone some of the most prestigious of these institutions of higher learning. Our focus on this post falls squarely on higher education though, i.e. your college education and any which way you look at it, you’re at the mercy of the institutions by way of how much you have to pay.

    Some institutions insist on every student having a physical copy of the prescribed textbooks, which in itself is a major expense. This is just one of many expenses which contribute towards college being so expensive however, but the value we place on college education as a society perpetuates what many might quite rightfully call a racket.

    Anyway, since I would imagine a multitude of us aren’t about to rise up against the system and share the knowledge we could easily pay for as a collective, the next best thing is to perhaps discuss how one can get the most out of the academic qualification they pay so much money for. Some people are even willing to go into quite a bit of debt just to get that piece of paper referred to as a degree and who can blame them really?

    Life is definitely easier with it, even if you’re no more clued up about the subject matter than the next person, in addition to the fact that what you were made to learn may even be outdated.

    Establish yourself as a growing authority

    I’m of the personal belief that every single student who is pursuing academic studies should make full use of the knowledge they gain access to so that you can benefit from your experience for many more years to come after completing your studies. The benefits I’m referring to aren’t limited to how much you can earn as a salaried professional, but rather benefits of which an example I am a living one myself.

    If you never get to study further than undergrad level and you subsequently don’t get to do a thesis, you need to act like that’s exactly what you’re doing and publish the knowledge and information you acquire.

    Even if you find yourself in an academic course which was not of your initial choosing, think about the reason why you got into a specific field. It’s important on so many different levels, one of which is that of the fact that when you do finally enter the workplace, chances are you won’t be doing anything which even closely resembles what you studied for.

    So what you need to do to make the most of your academic qualification is publish something in relation to it, whether it’s an e-book offering educated solutions to specific problems or indeed if it’s just a memoire-type documentation of all the challenges you went through while pursuing your studies. Someone, somewhere will be interested in what you have to write and there is always but always a few different ways to monetize any form of interest.

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