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  • Investing in paper bags: marketing trend or smart business?

    Printed paper bags are becoming more popular as retailers look for a cost-effective and trendy alternative to plastic bags. Whilst fabric bags, such as those made from cotton or jute, are fantastic for reusing and durability they can be more costly than paper bags especially for independent stores.

    In this blog, we’ve outlined some of the reasons why custom printed paper bags are worth investing in and why they are more than just a trend.

    Better for the environment

    Paper bags are a good option for businesses wanting to make better choices in regard to the environmental impact they are having.

    Paper bags are biodegradable and aren’t manufactured using nasty chemicals which makes them a solid choice for those wanting to minimise pollution. Paper bags are also recyclable, with many being made from recycled material in the first place!

    Great for advertising use

    Not only can print your logo on a paper bag, but you can also choose and colour or design to add around this.

    Whether you want to send out a message to consumers, or you just want a bag that looks fun and exciting, you will be reaching potential customers when your customers carry their purchase home in your snazzy new bags.

    A touch of luxury Branding is so important to any business, and custom paper bags come in a range of shapes and sizes. From laminated paper bags to bags with luxurious ribbon handles, you can choose the bag that suits your brand and the customers you are targeting.  

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