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    Ever since Facebook bought out Instagram in 2012 the platform has seen significant growth and opportunity. There is over 1 billion active monthly users on Instagram which has raised significantly from the 800 million back in September 2017.

    You may be wondering how there are over 1 billion active users and your profile still isn’t getting attention from any of them. You may be falling short on marketing techniques that get your business in the public eye, but if you already have an agency and are not sure what’s going wrong you better read on.

    Quality Content

    Take a look back at your Instagram content and try and analyse from an outsider’s perspective. You can always get some friends or family members to look at the profile for you and ask them to pick out photos that really don’t work or that they don’t think are very good. This will help you see the kinds of content you should avoid including next time. Do the same thing for the good photos.

    If you have a business profile (which is free to set up) that has been created through the link to a Facebook page, you gradually get access to free analytics about the interactions with your posts. To garner maximum attention to your business profile, you can also reach out to experts such as Victorious (https://victoriousseo.com/services/) who can help accomplish your business goals.

    You can see which pictures performed best and which performed worse, as well as many other key performance metrics.

    Think about the layout and aesthetics of your profile and make sure it fits with your brands values and goals. Compare your profile with other brands of a similar nature who seem to get a lot of followers and engagement on their content and see how you could do this too (but don’t copy them!)


    Once you’ve got the content sorted, it’s time to get people involved. Whilst there are many options for purchasing followers, this doesn’t secure engagement and increase the value of your profile by any amount. And, if you are planning to procure followers, then you might want to check out The Small Business Blog first. It could give you a vague understanding of how these third-party companies work for you.

    To get real followers and engagements that could become leads, you need to engage real people and get them involved with your page.

    Here are some ways to increase engagement:

    • Tell a story in your captions and make points and ask questions.
    • Create conversations in your comments and get people talking
    • Stay on top of hot topics
    • Host a competition
    • Don’t spam accounts with tags, only use them when its important
    • Search out for and engage with others
    • Post regular and interesting stories


    You can include a maximum of 30 hashtags in your posts and it’s recommended that you use all of them. This way you increase the reach of your post and more people are likely to see the post.

    Use hashtags that are relevant to your brand, the image or the kind of people you think would like your content and avoid using irrelevant ones.

    You can create a note on your phone with your favourite hashtags for different types of posts and add to it when you discover a new good one. Try and avoid copying the same hashtags into all of your posts as it could have a negative impact. Instead use a few consistent ones and add and change others depending on the subject matter of the post.


    It’s also a good idea to time your posts so that you are posting when people are actively searching for content. If you have an Instagram business account, you can see the times most of your followers are online and use it to target them appropriately.

    Unfortunately you can only access this information when you have 100 followers or more so the profiles who are only just starting out have limited options when it comes to this.

    Without customer intelligence, its recommended that you post at lunch time (12-1pm) or later on in the evening (7pm onwards) because that’s the times people are on their phone the most.

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