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  • An Idea for a Side Business If You Are a Stay-at-Home Parent

    Being a stay-at-home parent doesn’t mean you can’t make money and still be able to spend time with your children. Even if you have a job, you can always create a small business to increase your income. One of the most popular ways to do so these days is creating a blog.

    Why Blogging Is a Good Idea for a Side Business

    • You plan the working days as you wish.
      Gather materials, write, edit, and publish your posts whenever you want. If you’re too busy with baby care, take the time while the child is asleep to work on your side business. You can also make a baby your blog’s feature, write posts on behalf of both of you, or think of any other creative way to combine the time you spend with them with the time you work.
    • You can write about whatever you want.
      Literally any topic can become a great source of income if you’re an expert in it. Are you good at your major? Recall everything and start a blog on that topic. Are you too busy with the baby? Make it your main theme, write about raising children, baby equipment, funny stories about life with kids, etc.
    • Blogs are beneficial for ads and product companies.
      Promote your side business enough, and you will start getting offers on promotion of other websites or products that might be connected to your topic. Later on, you can also start your own line of products, and advertise them as well on your own ground.

    An Example of a Successful Blog

    An example of a great baby-related informational blog is best-pack-n-play.com. A successful mother, blogger, and entrepreneur Sophie van der Linden goes through hundreds of reviews of different pack ‘n plays to create ratings and TOPs of the best units available. There are thousands of models in shops, so it might be difficult to choose one that will suit the needs of a baby. So, she does parents’ job for them by picking the best of the best depending on the playards’ functionality, special features, material quality, etc. There you can find information on the best pack and play with storage and other special features.

    Such a kind of side business will allow you spend as much time with the child as necessary, and still be a professional money-making blogger! Baby-related equipment is only the beginning, there are many topics first-time parents are curious about.

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