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  • What Foreigners Can Teach Us about Economic Advancement

    Naturally there are quite a few exceptions, but generally wherever it is you go in the world, it always takes an “outside eye” so to say, to spot and even go as far as capitalizing on the various economic opportunities that exist. You look at how many mom-and-pop stores are in existence here in the United States and in many other countries and you’ll realize that most of these small businesses are owned by foreigners. In some instances they’re owned and operated as hand-me-down assets which second generation immigrant citizens have inherited from their parents.

    Therein lays lots of valuable lessons we can learn from foreigners about economic advancement, the single most important of which is that of togetherness.

    The status quo conundrum

    I constantly speak about not bowing to the pressures of feeling an obligation to maintain the status quo in many engagements I take part in and in many posts that I publish on this blog and this is because I simply cannot emphasize the importance thereof enough. If more of us actually traveled the world and weren’t blinded by all the marketing to the fact that in many other places there are indeed people living better lives, we wouldn’t view every single immigrant who lands on our shores as someone who’s made a long and desperate attempt at escaping a seriously hard life.

    It takes a lot for a foreigner to get something like permanent residence here in the United States, to the tune of $1 million to be precise. Granted, they have to invest that money in a local business which basically creates job opportunities for US citizens, but in your life, have you ever seen a million dollars with your own two eyes or even as a digitally represented bank balance of yours?

    Yet these immigrants are willing to brave some not-so-comfortable conditions while they’re building up their businesses and other assets which will make sure they enjoy a good life in the not-too-distant future.

    They’ll live together and brave some tight sleeping arrangements, while the average local would rather spend stupid money renting some fancy apartment with the money they could rather be using to build up some assets – all in the name of maintaining status quo!

    All the start-up capital required is readily available

    When immigrants land on foreign shores and proceed to make a concerted effort to empower each other economically, all that’s required is for one of them to gain access to capital. From then on the capital is used to lift up the next person in their formed network and in this way access to capital costs nothing.

    Imagine if all the people in your own mere neighborhood decided to approach joint economic advancement in this way! All it takes is for one person to set the snowball down the slope and it’ll gain the kind of momentum which will have the entire community living a life well beyond their wildest dreams – a life of the type of financial freedom which is only available to those who come together to make it happen.

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