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  • Financial Tips For Senior Citizens

    Your financial needs change throughout life, and being an older individual means that you have special financial needs.  When you’re young, there’s always a reference towards saving for the future. Being older means that you have less time to fool around financially.  

    If you find that you’re getting on in life, now is the time to really get ahold of your finances.  Here are a few financial tips aimed towards helping senior citizens like you take proper care of their money. 

    Your budget is even more important

    As you age, it becomes more vital that you stick to living by a budget.  Seniors often live on a set amount of money, and running out of money as a senior isn’t an option.  You have expenses that simply cannot go unpaid.  

    Senior citizens also tend to choose Chelsea Senior Living (for independent living in Fanwood, NJ), or similar other care homes, when they are weak and old to live on their own. Even if they want to choose the said option for living, they need the money to pay for it. Therefore, laying out a strict budget, and following it would be helpful.

    Get the money you are owed 

    If you find yourself in a tough spot, always remember that you have certain rights.  If you are injured by the negligence of a business or individual, you have the right to restitution.  Don’t let situations like this go unnoticed.  

    Dealing with an injury is hard enough, and dealing with an injury as a senior citizen is more difficult.  There’s no reason you should continue to struggle financially when the injury was not your fault in the first place.  

    Protect your finances from others

    Senior citizens are some of the most targeted individuals for financial fraud.  Unfortunately, the thieves are typically friends or family members and not some random stranger.  Your money is safer in the bank than it is sitting in a dusty hiding space in your home.  

    Today’s digital spending has a much higher rate of security than you may believe.  Banks and credit card companies are quick to notice and deny unusual spending patterns.  They will also grant you a refund for the money lost if a thief does happen to cause chaos with your bank account.  

    Require an authorized signer 

    Consider setting up an authorized signer on your bank account, but don’t take this decision lightly.  Choose someone who is not short on character, as an authorized signer has the ability to write checks, make deposits, and make withdrawals on your behalf.  Too often, elderly individuals trust the wrong person with this position, and find themselves the victim of theft.  

    Check your annual credit report

    Whether you’re young or old, it’s important to keep an eye on your credit reports.  Your credit history will help you identify fraudulent spending, but you have to actually seek out your reports.  Take advantage of your yearly free credit report, and keep a close watch over finances.

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