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  • Finance Tips For Individuals With Disabilities

    Living life with a disability of any kind makes life a little harder to navigate, but there’s no reason you can’t succeed.  The key to success is to fill your mind with the most pinpointed knowledge possible.  

    The more you know about handling your finances, the better off you will be in your financial future.  Take the time you have now to read over some helpful finance tips for those living with a disability, and consider the next step towards future financial freedom.  

    Get the money you deserve 

    If your disability is the result of an injury or scarring experience, you are likely eligible for financial support.  Mental disabilities like PTSD also count as personal injury, so don’t sell yourself short.  

    The damage done to your body was of no fault of your own.  There’s no shame in going after supplemental reparations for your experience and injury.  

    Guard against those closest to you

    You don’t need to live a paranoid existence, but you do need to set yourself up for security.  Even family members cross the line at times, and the instances are not as uncommon as you would like to think.  

    Don’t let an untrustworthy individual (even if they are family) take control of your finances.  Be aware of the full ramifications of signing over power of attorney to someone, and always look out for your own financial safety.  

    Invest in a secure banking situation

    Your relationship with your bank is important.  Instead of spending all of your time with digital communications, make an effort to build a personal relationship with the management at your bank.  

    The more rapport you build with management, the more friendly and willing they are to have your back in a troublesome situation.  Get your bank to work for you, and they’ll have their eyes open while you rest peacefully.  

    Live your life by a strict budget 

    When you’re living on a limited budget, you need to be living by a strict budget.  If you have no semblance of a formal budget, it’s time to get to work.  

    You don’t have to be a CPA (certified public accountant) to formulate a workable budget.  Use digital tools available online to guide you through the process of building a successful budget, and get good at handling your money. 

    Consider working from home 

    Being disabled doesn’t mean you can’t build any income on your own. The internet has granted you the ability to catch a remote job opportunity. If you can operate a computer, you can look for work from home opportunities. In that scenario, you may have to adopt additional internet security measures to keep your data secure from online hacking, spamming, and malware. You can check out the best vpn for firefox or another safety service.

    For an artist, selling your art or digital art online, through NFT can be another career option. Other jobs you can do online can be tutoring, freelancing, software developer, blogger, and many more.

    If you are an artist, you can sell your art online.  There’s always a way to generate income online. You simply need the willingness to do the necessary research. 

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