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  • Excellent and Inexpensive Thank You gifts

    If there’s someone in your life or social circle who seems to do all they can for everyone else, with little regard for themselves, you probably want to show your appreciation. Even if you can’t afford a lot, inexpensive thank you gifts are just as touching and effective. After all, it really is the thought and driving motivation behind a gift rather than what the actual gift is.

    With that in mind therefore, let’s take a look at some great and arguably very inexpensive gifts you could give to people who deserve a special thank you.

    Their Fave Cuppa From Their Fave Coffee House or Tea Shop

    One easy and extremely inexpensive way to show appreciation for someone and say thank you to them is by treating them to their favourite cup of coffee or tea from their favourite coffee shop or cafe. Even if they don’t have time to come along with you, you could pick up one to go and drop it into their workplace or home.

    Buy Them Essential Oils for Stress Relief

    If you know they have worked hard and are under a lot of stress, you could thank them by investing in essential oils that can help with their stress relief. They can then use them in their baths or a little on their pillows. Essential oils are said to be amazing stress relievers. Additionally, if you live in a place where cannabis is legal for recreational use, and provided that your giftee partakes, then think about gifting them something like an LSD Hash strain, which could also do wonders as a stress buster!

    Scented Candles and Bubble Bath

    A great way to thank someone for nice things they’ve done is to return the favour. Scented candles and bubble bath do not cost lots, but the thought and sentiment are what is important. You could even invest in some highly scented wax melts to add to the ambience of the bubble bath – different scents can be good for different things for example, a relaxing or stress relieving aroma.

    Make Them a Video

    It’s likely that if you want to thank them, there may be other people that want to thank them too. You could make a short video with messages from all the people they’ve helped or done something nice for recently. When they watch it back and hear the genuine and heartfelt comments it will undoubtedly mean more than anything that costs lots of money would.

    Gift Basket to Say Thank You

    Thank you gift baskets are another fairly inexpensive way to show appreciation for the gestures and things someone special does in your life. You can choose from a wide range of different kinds, depending on their tastes. If they like chocolate and sweets, there’s gift baskets with lots of sweet treats, whereas if they prefer to eat healthily, you can get fresh fruit baskets too.

    Cook Their Favourite Meal and Bring it Round to Them

    Everyone loves a home cooked meal that they did not have to prepare or cook themselves. Therefore, to say thank you to a friend, relative or just someone that did a good turn for you, you could prepare and cook their favourite meal and deliver to their doorstep.

    An additional tip for all you lovely video game lovers! You could bring in ROMs of classic console games for the person you intend to thank. With games like Pokemon, Sonic, etc making a comeback, I’m sure your gamer friend (maybe a partner or a relative) would love it if you gave them a castlevania dawn of sorrow rom as a thank you gift. You could check out Gamulator’s website for more information on how to get your hands on these inexpensive yet amazing gift ideas!

    Hopefully you can see that thank you gifts do not need to be expensive. It really is more to do with the thought behind the gifts and the fact that you are giving them in the first place.

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