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  • Does Your Educational Institution Take Advantage of Office 365?

    Most people that I know are regular users of Office 365. Whether it be for personal use, business use, or any other kind, it seems we can all benefit from Microsoft’s extensive range of desktop applications. However, what I’m always amazed to find out is that how many students still don’t realize that they could be getting Office 365 for free during their studies! I mean apart from taking advantage of various education consulting services for their institution, Office 365 too, could prove to be an integral part of their workflow!

    What is Microsoft Office 365 For Education?

    This specialized education package is a dedicated package featuring additional classroom tools plus the all-important Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. The main feature of this Office package is to encourage you to collaborate and share your work with other students and teachers. With unlimited OneDrive storage available, users can also access Yammer and SharePoint sites through this bundle. The best part is that companies such as Cognillo build managing tools that can help teachers make the most of the additional services like SharePoint. The emphasis for students is to encourage them to collaborate all their class lesson notes and coursework into one place for easy retrieval, through a digital notebook, while teachers can be creative and engage their students through interactive lessons. SharePoint is a great addition to assist with work, however, there are some changes that are implemented with the growth of software like this, meaning that alternatives will have to be searched for to help keep workflow consistent. Students can check out this post to see what alternatives to SharePoints’ InfoPath software can be replaced with.

    How Much Does 365 Cost an Institution and Student?

    The best thing about Office 365 Education, besides its fantastic selection of added features, is that it is entirely free of charge for educational organizations and their registered students! You read that right – completely free! We aren’t talking about a free trial here, but instead a free package for each establishment and for each student for their duration of study!

    How to Get Started with This Offer

    If your school qualifies for this plan, they will be able to confirm their verification. As a student of that establishment, all you then do is enter a valid academic email address to confirm you attend this institution filling in a few necessary details to ensure further information or your eligibility, and there you have it – free access to all things Office 365!

    Office 365 Education Resources

    The brilliant aspect of this opportunity must be the additional resources the package encourages students and schools to take further advantage of. By accessing this service, both are entitled to use the following three areas:

    • Student Resources: This is the area for all registered students to gain access to a range of training and tutorials and other helpful services. From learning more about Windows, Office and IT in general, students can even become certified here. This is also the place to access templates such as resumes, presentations and subject reports.
    • Educator Community: This community is the area created by educators for educators! With log in required to ensure it is the real educator entering this part of the site, staff can enter this bustling hub to connect and confer with other educators as well as obtaining training and finding lesson materials for inclusion in their own classes. There is also a chance to earn badges and certification for participating in this broader
    • Office Training: For all relevant tools, tips, and training, this is the area to access to update your 365 knowledge. With all Microsoft apps covered here, users can enter the training center to learn the basics, access further templates, learn how to collaborate better with other members of the department or school, explore better ways to work as well as access tips to improve future work.

    Further Uses of Office 365

    As a former student who struggled for a year to try and turn his finances around to a brighter situation, I cannot recommend this offer enough. More so, what Office 365 offers in terms of an updated Excel application makes this a winner for me. I don’t think that I can even begin to stress enough how vital it is for anyone to have a budget which is visible, and which can be worked on regularly. Pen and paper just don’t cut it these days! A spreadsheet is the perfect solution for anybody to access quickly and efficiently and allows you to ultimately create a budget to suit your own needs.

    However, there is no reason why a student shouldn’t begin developing their own budget creation while they are still studying. In fact, there isn’t a better time to start organizing your finances. With so many students saddled in student loans and other various debts, ignoring your funds until you finish your studies is not a viable option if you want to start making some headway towards developing a better financial future for yourself once you get those all-important qualifications.

    Upgrading from Office 365

    When your studies end and you move away from your school or college, you understandably no longer qualify for this free Office 365 Education Package. However, while we would all love to have something for free, if you have been using these applications you can then look at accessing some of Microsoft’s other 365 services at a reduced price. For those no longer eligible for the student package, Microsoft can offer some ongoing decreasing costs on several of their current products.

    You may decide you do not need all the applications once you finish your studies. Perhaps your new job provides the package for you to use at work? However, to continue utilizing your already crafted budget, you could look at taking the most basic of packages for just a small outlay per month. That way those budgeting habits you picked up as a student, will see you through to the next stage of your adult life!

    With all Microsoft 365 packages some of the world’s leading desktop apps being offered for free, this is one deal that no student can afford to bypass.

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