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  • Cracking the Online Income Code

    It wasn’t so much a major focus when I was in college, not too long ago, but it’s certainly something more and more college students in particular are looking towards as a means through which to earn some extra money. Of course I’m talking about the somewhat precarious topic of making money online. The online income code can definitely be cracked, but it’ll take one’s realization that really you have to do it yourself.

    No e-book you buy or mastermind coaching program you sign up to (for a fee, of course) is going to hand you a sure-fire blueprint for making money online. You’ll have to put in some work, but fortunately this work you’re required to put in can be integrated into what you’re already doing on a day-to-day basis. You pretty much have to start right where you find yourself, using what you already have and that is the knowledge and information contained between your ears.

    You’re the ultimate avatar

    Take a look at your own life – look at the typical day in your life and think about what your goals are (daily, medium-term and long term goals), what challenges you face in trying to meet those goals and ideally what solutions you deploy to meet those goals and solve other problems you encounter along the way.

    Pursue a passion of yours

    There are some people with whom you are friends as a result of the fact that you have so much in common with, to the extent that there are certain activities you wish you could spend all your time doing and if you’re not physically engaging in those activities, you have a lot to say about them. The topic never runs out of discussion points.

    Keep this passion of yours in mind as part of what it takes to crack the online income code.

    Identify a skill you have

    Everybody including you, has some or other skill or selection of knowledge/information which someone else would pay money to gain access to. Identify yours, but don’t fall into the trap of trying to think of ways of selling that skill as a service. You’ll only be trying to effect ways through which to eat up more of your time that way.

    Everything comes together through selling

    Right, now the hard work begins, but hard work that can make for a lot of fun, nevertheless. Cracking the online income code requires you to be a seller of solutions, which can exist in the form of physical products, some services rendered or digital products like media or content. When it comes to digital products, you could make use of a service like FastSpring to reach customers all around the world and make both your experience of selling and theirs of buying, as straightforward as possible, leaving you to get on with creating your products.

    Going back to using yourself as an avatar, there are so many other people all around the world who share similar basic goals as you, who face the same challenges and who could use solutions to their problems and challenges which you would find useful. If you cannot create those solutions yourself (e.g. writing an e-book or creating a website/blog), then the next best thing is to sell existing solutions created by other people, as an affiliate.

    If you can market to sell using a combination of what you’re passionate about, what you’re good at and what applies to you in your own personal life, you’ll have no problem making affiliate sales online.

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