4 Smart Ways To Save Money

Everyone wants to save money. And the smarter you do it, the less effort you have to put into it, and the more return on your investment of time and energy you’ll get. So take some time to prepare your concept of money savings, and then take small steps to work toward your desired goal. […]
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Simple Ways To Save Money In Everyday Life

Money is a common point of contention in almost every household, due to the constant need for more.  Saving money is a productive way to manage your income, and there are many ways to save money without radically changing your life. 
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3 Saving Tips To Be Able To Afford Your Dream Wedding

When it comes to having a wedding, one of the hardest tasks is planning what you’ve always wanted or dreamed about with what is actually possible logistically and financially. While you may have envisioned yourself coming to your ceremony on a white stallion surrounded by hundreds of butterflies or gifting your better half the choicest […]
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How to Use Term Deposits to Boost Your Retirement Savings

If you’re interested in boosting your retirement savings, a term deposit might be just the ticket. If you’ve never heard the phrase “term deposit” before, don’t worry — you’re not the only one. Term deposits are very similar to savings accounts, only you can’t access them before a certain amount of time has passed.
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Simple Ways Technology Can Help You Save Today

There are two ways you can boost your personal finances: you can raise your income (or find new sources of income) or you can lower your expenses. Both routes allow you to save and eventually invest more money, which means you can boost your personal finances further with the return you earn on your investments.
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Re-Defining What Affordability Means

It’s a financial trap many recent graduates who enter the workplace fall into, aided and abetted by various social constructs as well; you find yourself at the mercy of individuals and institutions you refer to as sellers and service providers by way of how you’re made to measure what affordability means. If you were to […]
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