Credits and Loans

5 Tips For Improving Your Credit Score

In this day and age, no credit score is the same as having a bad credit score.  Even though you may fundamentally disagree with the concept of credit, unfortunately, it’s unwise to avoid it altogether.
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The cost of education is rising each year and as a result, college students are taking up more loans to finance their studies and stay in school. Scholarships and grants may be helpful, but sometimes are insufficient to keep one going. The difficult part comes when you have to repay the loans, especially if you […]
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5 Ways to Reduce Your Bank Fees

Bigger, less-frequent transactions If at any time you’ve paid close attention to the banking fee structure your bank uses to levy charges on transactions, one of the most glaring realizations that will come to the fore is that of how there tend to be certain brackets into which bank charges fall. You’re charged a certain […]
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