Investing in paper bags: marketing trend or smart business?

Printed paper bags are becoming more popular as retailers look for a cost-effective and trendy alternative to plastic bags. Whilst fabric bags, such as those made from cotton or jute, are fantastic for reusing and durability they can be more costly than paper bags especially for independent stores. In this blog, we’ve outlined some of […]
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How to get more interaction with your Instagram page in 2018

Ever since Facebook bought out Instagram in 2012 the platform has seen significant growth and opportunity. There is over 1 billion active monthly users on Instagram which has raised significantly from the 800 million back in September 2017.
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Essential Digital Marketing Instruments for Your Online Business

Setting up an online store is only the first step towards achieving success as an online business owner. Now that you have an online storefront, you need to attract potential customers to the site. There are also optimizations you have to do in order to maximize conversion rates and deliver the best customer experience.
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