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  • Alternative Ways To Boost Your Personal Finances

    Not everyone is cut out for working a traditional job, and that doesn’t mean you’re weak or less than in any way.  You may have trouble finding those hopeful moments, but they’re more abundant than you think.  

    Whether it’s a physical or mental disability, a circumstantial situation, or a lack of opportunities, you can always push to make more money.  You simply have to find the right area to push. Here is a brief look at some alternative ways to boost your personal finances.  

    Get the money you are owed

    If the reason why you can’t work is that you were injured on your last job, then you need to begin making moves towards a workers’ compensation claim.  Being injured at work means that your employer is liable for supplementing your income and paying for your medical bills.  

    Don’t let yourself and your family suffer from the lack of income, and take the necessary steps to procure the appropriate financial reinforcements. Most companies often have workers’ compensation insurance in place, from providers like ICW Group, which ensures that adequate compensations are provided to the workers who suffer an injury at the workplace. However, if your employer has not made you aware about these things, then contacting a lawyer may be your best option. Start today by setting up a free consultation with a lawyer.  

    Independent ways to earn cash online

    You can always find a niche when you know how to use the web for work.  Writers, artists, programmers, business managers, social media specialists, and more can find a place to call work on the internet.  

    The world is a very tech-driven place, and speaking the language will get you far.  If you’re a little older, tech may not come so naturally. Work for it, and delve into the various ways in which you can find a job as your own boss online.  

    Use your good looks to make money

    If you’ve got the looks, why not capitalize on your great DNA?  It may be a difficult path to try and transplant yourself in NYC or LA to make a living as a model, but the digital era has created a much more manageable way to make a living as a model.  

    Instagram and other social media platforms have presented a unique method of capitalizing on your better than average aesthetic.  

    Sing with people around the world

    There are several platforms popping up online for those who are gifted vocally.  You can actually make a decent chunk of cash singing karaoke. You could start a YouTube channel to showcase your talents too.  

    Some huge pop stars (like Justin Bieber) have made their start in the industry by showcasing their abilities online.  Check out platforms like Smule and Upwork for opportunities to make some extra cash with your vocal skills.  

    Consider busking as a profession

    If you’re talent centers around your ability to create music, you can always make some extra cash busking.  If you’re not familiar with the term, busking is when artists play music on the streets for tips. Ed Sheeran started out busking. 

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