With 15,000 unique visitors to every month, there is considerable potential here for every one of those visitors to submit a piece of writing of their own to the website. Just imagine how informed we would all become if each community member shared with us their knowledge and expertise on finance! If this idea sounds useful to you too, why not take a read through the following information and get in touch with me using the below form as soon as possible to discuss the potential of you how you could write for my website.

Who Can Contribute to My Blog

In the simplest terms ever, anyone can contribute to my blog! We all must deal with money and finances daily when we leave school. This is merely a fact of life. Some of us will be exposed to it more than others while some of us will deal with it better than others. Regardless of the amount of exposure we have with anything financially related, it is a subject that affects us all at one time or another. Therefore, in my opinion, we all have something to say on the matter!

The Audience Type of

I hate to categorize my audience type because I know none of us fit into one simple and easy box! From the years I have been working on this blog I have had the honor of connecting with a vast and varied crowd of supporters. What has pleased me the most is how this audience differs in age, gender, career and even lifestyle goals. Yet when it comes to the reason they visit my website, they all share that one common goal – to make savings wherever they can!

If you are reading my blog, you may well be doing so to gain some extra information, looking for a recommendation or merely trying to find a way that works better for you by reading somebody else’s story. Hopefully, you are using as the place to go to when you want to access content that is relevant to you.

Basically, what I suppose I’m trying to say is that my audience want to read about the same money making and financial saving subjects, but they all require a mass of variety from their posts. Your blog post could be read by a small business owner, a student or a stay at home Mom. It doesn’t matter who; what matters is how well the content relates to somebody looking for some advice or assistance in their day to day life.

Write and Publish Your Post Here

Now that we have the audience sorted let’s turn to the categories based on the website. This is an up-to-date list of the topics that I currently have open to guest blog posts on If you have anything to add towards any of these categories, I thoroughly encourage you to put fingers to keyboard and get writing:

  • Business
  • Insurance
  • Management
  • Real Estate
  • Small Business
  • Stock Trading
  • Personal Finance
  • Budget
  • Credits and Loans
  • Invest
  • Make Money
  • Save

I compiled this list after sifting through the various data reports as to what subjects were the most clicked on and sought after on this website. I was then able to categorize the topics that my blog visitors were requesting to ensure that all future content was relevant to this list. However, because I know from experience how quickly trends change and how often new concepts are introduced, I know I will be adding to this list soon. Alternatively, if I begin to get many requests for a specific subject, I may just add selected columns as and when; so, keep an eye out for any additional entries to this part of the website.

Sample Blog Post Article Titles

Look around the blog page and get a feel for the type of articles that I regularly publish on here. Look at the structure as a guide and note the kinds of titles that appear in each post. Though I don’t necessarily want a copied version of what is already on the blog, this is often a right way to sound out the feel of the articles that are popular with the website’s visitors.

Furthermore, consider these sample article titles that are always popular with readers:

Where Can I Access All the Latest Online Discount Codes?

Are Gift Cards a Savvier Choice for Christmas Presents?

How Can I Cut Costs by Buying Everything Online?

Is eBay Worth the Time and Effort?

What Ways Can I Save Money on Household Bills?

Submit a Guest Post to My Blog

I don’t want anyone to get preoccupied with the processing aspect of the blog post piece. Just get your ideas down and get in touch with me and I will take it from there. Please don’t let the application or submitting process be the reason why you don’t feel able to send to this website. Offering your words to this site is a three-step natural process:

  1. Think of your idea
  2. Get it written down
  3. Email me direct or use the below contact form!

I pride myself on making this part of the process as smooth as possible, so all you need do is write your blog post and I’ll do the rest!

What You Gain from Writing a Blog Piece

When you devise a blog piece for this website, you are effectively offering your knowledge, expertise, and services to the broader community. In short, you are making the readers life that little bit easier when it comes to improving their financial situation. This alone is worth every written word you compile!

However, as my way of saying thank you for taking the time to help the wider community of, I will credit your name next to your submitted blog post so you will receive the accolade that you deserve. What is more, if you would like me to write a little bit about you and your experiences, feel free to let me know beforehand by using the form below. I can even mention one of your social media accounts if you would like me to!


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