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  • 3 Tips For Getting People To Donate Money To Your Cause

    In today’s world, there are a million causes out there worthy of having people donate their time, attention, and money to them. But if you have one that’s particularly close to your heart, you might find yourself desperate to get more donations so that your cause can go further and help more people. However, asking for money, even for a good cause, can sometimes get a little awkward. But the secret is in the fundraising, whether it is school, club, or sorority fundraising ideas, the effort you put into your fundraising will automatically attract people and make them want to donate to you. It will make you feel less awkward as well. So to help ensure that your cause doesn’t lose out on funding simply because you’re nervous about asking for financial assistance, here are three tips that will help you get more people to donate money to your cause.

    Use The Word “Small”

    Whether you’re trying to raise money for a political candidate or for some type of medical research, people will usually find themselves more willing to donate money if they feel like the investment won’t put them out too much. To help make them see how insignificant their donation will be to them, Allison Gauss, a contributor to Classy.org, recommends that you use the word “small” when you ask for a contribution. By asking for a “small” five dollar donation rather than just a five dollar donation, you make the person realize that five dollars doesn’t actually mean that much to them. In this mindset, they might be more willing to give.

    Share The Potential Personal Benefits

    Although most people recognize that it feels good give to a good cause, they sometimes need a little more motivation than their own altruism. Because of this, KnowHowNonprofit.org advises that you share with them the potential personal benefits they might enjoy from donating to your cause. Some of these benefits might include having a more positive public image or getting a tax break for the money they’re contributed to charitable causes.

    Explain The Impact Their Donation Could Have

    While the “small” donation you’re asking for might not seem like a lot to the person you’re soliciting, it’s likely that their contribution will have a big impact on those receiving this charity. Once the potential donor is made aware of this, they might be more willing to part with their money. According to Emily Collins, a contributor to GlobalGiving.org, sharing exactly what their specific donation will make possible through the hands of your cause and showing them the difference their particular donation can make in the life of someone else may be just the motivation needed to get them to open their wallet a little bit more.

    If you have a cause that you want to help raise money and awareness for, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn how you can better encourage those around you to donate their own funds.

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